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Stand back from the mirror - You're getting ugly.

ACBob ◦ 2020-09-12 ◦ 1 minute read

We've all done it. We've gone up to the mirror to check how we look, only to find a new spot. Maybe it's even a full-length mirror, where you then see how fat you've gotten recently. - It must be that cake. So you do your best to alleviate these issues, and to no avail, you end up back at the start... Hey, you seem to have gained weight!

I've gone through this cycle a lot, and personally, it's quite draining. But as of late, I've started to feel better about myself. And I've found the secret. It's a very simple trick, but it's effective. Hell, it doesn't even require you to rub foreskins1 on your face. And it's this one, simple, free, trick: Stand back from the mirror!

Sure, you've got a new spot on your face, but you know why you didn't see it? Because you didn't look that closely before. The spot won't be noticed by people, you're over-reacting. You know that awful pot-belly that covers your vision when you look down? Guess what, Nobody is going to be seeing it from your perspective. They'll be at least a few feet away, and can't see it from your eyes.

If you still don't believe me, try it as a practical experiment. Go up to your mirror, and stare at it. Get as close as comfortably possible, and find all of your issues. Now close your eyes, and walk a few feet back from it. Open them, and then try to find those same issues. They won't be as pronounced from this distance. Now, go even further back. Maybe to the other side of the room (Depending on how big the room with the mirror is). Notice how those issues seem to fade away? That's because you're not up close and personal.

Depending on your relationship with people, Go up to them as close as possible, and investigate their face. Notice the issues that you didn't before? Congrats, you've now proven the hypothesis. Use this new information to your advantage. Of-course, don't rely on it, you still need to wash your face, exercise, and all that, but don't feel like it's doing nothing helpful, just because you can't see any instant changes.

  1. Remember Oprah?