ACBob's ZimZam


Last Updated: 2020-08-04

This page is for some of the more... Notable of my projects. These projects are the cream of the crop, Stuff i'm proud of/think can be useful.

  • FortuneMOTD - A simple Bukkit plugin for changing the MOTD.
  • The source-code of the site - Quite simple, really.
  • Experiments - Various projects that are way too small (i.e one file) to have their own Repo.
  • Platformer - A platformer "game engine" written in python.
  • Source SDK 2013 Bobish - A modification of the Source SDK 2013, to better suit the sourcemod i'm working on. Currently Private.
  • PYCFScape - A GUI Wrapper around the python VPK library, as a replacement for GCFScape.
  • ObscureTardises - Open-source Second Life TARDIS system. Despite local improvements, the repo hasn't been updated in a while.
  • Text Adventure - It seems to be some form of Text-Adventure i was working on. I may re-visit this at some point.