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Super Powers and You: Invisibility

Geoffery Fliggin

Hello there young apprentice! If you're reading this, you think you've discovered one of your new Powers. And what a power to have! Invisibility is one of the rarer ones - and it lets you hide from the naked eye.

Now, we shouldn't be too hasty after this. I know you're probably excited, but as with all powers, there's dangers to be cautious of, to avoid undesirable outcomes, such as death. Unfortunately, we as a school have to recognize the accidents of other students. In many cases, they were misusing their powers. But we shouldn't blame them for their lack of ability.

Recognizing your power

While Invisibility is a blanket term for a few abilities, they each have something in common, and those symptoms help us identify what power you have, and what powers to cater for here at the school. If you're reading this, then you're probably experiencing some of the symptoms. If you are, check with the matron and they will be able to fully diagnose your power.

However, for those who want to find out more about the potential of Invisibility, we provide a list of common attributes associated with Invisibility.

  • Feeling hidden, people seemingly ignoring you - even when directly talked to.
    • This is quite a common one. If you're an extroverted person, it can be quite tough to deal with.
    • However, this may be a symptom of 'Cognitive Camouflage', where as a defense tactic, you appear unimportant to bystanders and on-lookers.
    • While it may be hard to deal with, it is not impossible to get around.
    • The school provides cognitive amplifiers, that will combat the effect. After a while of training, you should even be able to control the severity of the effect yourself.
    • It is not advisable that you take Cognitive Amplifiers before you are fully diagnosed with 'Cognitive Camouflage', Or if you are able to control the effect yourself.
  • Momentary blindness possibly with people not noticing you OR Body parts / portions of skin / clothes disappearing
    • This one is one of the rarer ones.
    • This could be a symptom of 'Glasskin' - Where you are able to become completely invisible. This effect can extend to your clothing.
    • The school can provide some equipment to help limit the effect. But it cannot be fully nulled. To null it, training must be undertaken.
    • Blindness is caused by a maladjustment to the effect, and is purely temporary. It happens because the retina of the eye becomes invisible, so is not hit by light for it to see.
  • At times Semi-translucent body, able to avoid detection - even by Heat/Touch/etc. Sensitive equipment.
    • We have only had 2 cases of this at the school. However, we are always welcoming to the potential of new cases of it.
    • These could be the symptoms of 'Intangible-ism' (Or the slang 'Lemonystron', named after the first carrier), where you take an almost ghost-like appearance and are intangible by any means.
    • There is currently no treatment for this. However, Alfred Lemony now works at the school, and can provide training towards being able to control your powers.

Not all of the attributes apply to everyone, and some people have even experienced completely different symptoms. If you are unsure about your powers, please consult the matron to receive a more complete diagnosis.

It's important to remember, that we have a zero-tolerance policy for people who misuse their powers. This includes doing anything to directly harm the school. If you are caught abusing your invisible qualities, you will be dealt with as, and considered, an Exsafe.

Using them effectively

We all want to be vigilantes saving the world from the dastardly Exsafes, but we need to understand as a community, that this isn't realistic for Everyone. While it is certainly a possibility for Invisibility - due to the lack of it - There are other career paths that you should consider. Not only that, you should consider how you will use it in a broader sense. This document only touches on the career opportunities, however.

Invisibility is quite helpful in operations. We all remember the heroic Hans-Günter who assassinated Hitler back in WW2. Since that point, Invisibility have been used in all sectors of government, for secret service, counter-operations, and even police.

Invisibility also applies to Entertainment. Going invisible is quite the feat, and many people are willing to pay to see it.


This is all we have for you today. If you have any questions, consult your morning registrar and they will help you from there.

Regards, Geoffery